Research Interests

My research focuses on cooperative practices of digital communities within the field of human-computer interaction. Specifically, I investigate ways which media technologies mediate interactions within peer-driven communities to develop new collaborative formations. I have examined peer collaboration in domains include computer games, youth and learning, social movement, bitcoin, and others. My theoretical orientation is centered around activity theory, but I have also used compatible paradigms that emphasize concrete observations and cultural-histories. I employ a flexible use of research methods that are centered around participant observation.

General Biography

Dr Yong Ming Kow is a social computing scientist in the field of human-computer interaction. His research focuses on studies of community cultures around media design and development as informed by ethnography. In particular, he is investigating collaborative work and practices within research areas including computer games, peer collaboration, digital youth, and novel uses of media artifacts. Yong Ming has also published extensively in other conferences, journals, and book chapters on digital media and learning, computer games, and on China. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.

Yong Ming has served as a Paper Co-chair at the iConference, the Chinese CHI, and Chinese DiGRA conferences. He had also served in program committees and other co-chair positions at the Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CHI, and Human-Centered Computing conferences. He has reviewed papers for CHI, CSCW, Creativity and Cognition, Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Interacting with Computers, New Media and Society, and grant applications. He is currently a founding member and Treasury of the Chinese DiGRA Chapter.

Where Are My Students Now?

Several of my students are now working as user experience professionals, including my ex-research assistants, students who worked with me on independent studies, and also students from my interface design and user research classes. Their employers are global, ranging from Hong Kong, mainland China, to Australia, and the U.S.

I work with students on various capacities. The best way to work with me is actually through a student research assistant-ship, student assistant-ship, FYP project, or an independent study. This way, I get to know where you are at and guide you appropriately. If you are interested in these opportunities, send me an email stating your research interest(s).

You can also consider taking my classes on Interface Design or User Research.

Ph.D students. If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D, send me an email with a sample writing in English. If you have published any scientific papers before (English or Chinese), also attach these in your email.

Email address: yongmkow[at]cityu[dot]edu[dot]hk