My core research interest is in technology-mediated peer collaboration, which includes contexts such as video games, social movements, and digital currency.

Video Games (selected publications)

Kow, Y.M. (2017). Digital Introspection within Learning-On-My-Own Rhetoric Among Computer Gamers. Mind, Culture, and Activity (Forthcoming). online first

Kow, Y.M., Young, T., and Tekinbaş, K. (2014). Crafting the Metagame: Connected Learning in the StarCraft II Community. Work Papers Series of DML Research Hub supported by the MacArthur Foundation. DML Research Hub

Kow, Y.M. and Nardi, B. (2011). Forget Online Communities? Revisit Cooperative Work! Proceedings of the ACM Conference Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2011, Hangzhou, China, March 19-23: 351-354. Best Note, Honorary Mention (top 5%)  pdf

Social Movements (selected publications)

Kou, Y., Kow, Y.M., Gui, X., Cheng, W. (2017). One Social Movement, Two Social Media Sites: A Comparative Study of Public Discourses. Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

Kou, Y., Kow, Y.M., and Gui, X. (2017). Resisting the Censorship Infrastructure in China. HICSS’50. Hawaii.

Kow, Y.M., Kou, Y., Semaan, B., and Cheng, W. (2015). Mediating the Undercurrents: Using Social Media to Sustain a Social Movement.  CHI’16. San Francisco. Honorable Mention (top 4%) pdf

Digital Currency (selected publications)

Kow, Y.M. and Lustig, C. (2017). Imaginaries and Crystallization Processes in Bitcoin Infrastructuring. Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work. forthcoming

Kow, Y.M., Gui, X., and Cheng, W. (2017). Special Digital Monies: The Design of Alipay and WeChat Wallet for Mobile Payment Practices in China. Interact’17, Mumbai, India. pdf

Kow, Y.M. (2017). Cryptocurrencies and Their Potential for Large-crowd,
Cost-effective Transactions in Peer Production. First Monday, 22, 8

See C.V. for full list of publications