DML Research Hub Working Paper Series: “Crafting the Metagame: Connected Learning in the Starcraft II Community”

I am excited to announce the publication of our report that was long in the making. I have been working on StarCraft II research with Timothy Young since late 2011 to examine the players’ learning ethos and practices, and paid most attention to their experiences at home, in school, and in the community. In this working paper series, I also have the honor of working with Katie Salen Tekinbaş from the Institute of Play, who had obtained unprecedented access to interviewing Blizzard Entertainment designers and developers to understand their design perspectives. By analyzing both the players’ and developers’ perspectives, we described how these different kinds of localities–home, school, community, and work place–are playing complementary roles in cultivating technical skills, social ethics, learning attitudes, and social networks that are invaluable to these high achieving young geeks in their future careers.

 You can find the paper at: