Bitcoin In-use #4: Buying lunch

A Hong Kong food outlet has been accepting bitcoin for a while now, and is becoming a favorite among some local bitcoiners. Mr Bing, a Chinese crepe chain store, sells delicious “Chinese crepe” with stuffed ingredients. And I enjoyed their crispy and spicy Peking Duck stuffing most. Only their store in Central, Hong Kong, accepts bitcoin.

Central is the financial district of Hong Kong, and also the location of Lan Kwai Fong. the famous expats’ hangouts for drinking and clubbing. There are usually numerous people here who dressed much better and prettier than how they were born. To avoid the crowd, I went there in a Tuesday noon. Mr Bing is just about a ten minutes walk from Central MTR (subway) station. The store is nicely tucked round the corner down a side street. It is, however, difficult to miss its bright orange color.

This picture shows the store’s exterior, with a Bitcoin Group HK sign sticking on the top right corner. Bitcoin Group HK is a company that has just started installing bitcoin ATMs locally. Mr Bing has few sitting space inside the shop. I reckoned that most customers would buy and go. The cashier girl seems a little reluctant, so I did not take many interior photos.


I looked at the menu and ordered my usual Peking Duck Crepe. The cashier girl entered my order and after I had asked for bitcoin payment, she started entering some information onto an iPad. It does take a minute or two at this instance. She held out the iPad with a large and conspicuous QR code in front of me.


I expertly took out my phone, started my Mycelium app, and scanned the QR code. The payment amount, 0.0139 BTC, appeared on my app. I clicked “Send,” and the payment went through. The cashier girl inspected her iPad, and in less than 3 seconds, told me, “OK.” I knew the payment went through. Figure below shows my app displaying a payment of about US$5.07 being sent through the network, and also my receipt that indicated HK$49 was accepted through the bitcoin payment processor, BItpay.


While I was waiting, I could clearly see a bitcoin ATM installed by Bitcoin Group HK, sitting at a corner within the store’s confined space, calling to be used.


I chatted a little with the cook, a friendly Chinese senior age lady, who saw me taking photographs. She asked if I love Mr Bing. I said I do. I wanted to tell her I love bitcoin too, but paused for a while wondering if she would understand. Before I realized it, my crepe was ready!


I love bitcoin, and the crepe as well!