“This Machine Kills Secrets,” a book on the people and culture behind megaleaks

This is not an academic book per say. But Andy Greenberg, a reporter specializing in data security and hack culture, had written the book with such details and organized forms that I find it quite useful even for my own research.

The gist of this book is this: While Wikileaks as an organization is on the decline, the infrastructure–people, technology, ideology–that created Wikileaks have remained. This infrastructure is already developing many more organizations which leak secrets.One key point he had made earlier, is that leaks are not new; there was Dr. Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers before Manning. But today, the infrastructure has matured to make leaks easier. More importantly, the infrastructure behind leaks will not go away. Andy supported every bit of his claims with observations and interviews with both well-known and anonymous participants. Now we known that leaks are here to stay, what now?

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested on the subject.