Monthly Archives: March 2014

How do governments keep getting bigger?

Milton Friedman had believed that governments have natural tendencies to get bigger, and bigger government means more taxes, but not necessarily a more efficient society. I am still pondering this idea while reading his book Capitalism and Freedom, and then I came across a blog post Theory Weary by a very accomplished CSCW scientist Jonathan Grudin. (And in that regard, I completely agree that HCI papers should be entirely theory-less and data-driven! –unless of course when they are framed under Activity Theory 🙂 )

I enjoyed reading the post, but I couldn’t help but keep revisiting one sentence in it, “With CSCW acceptance rates again down to around 25%, despite a revision cycle…” So we had just added more administrative work (something like a bigger government), but essentially having the same outcome? How uncanny that Friedman’s foresight seems to apply to HCI.