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Resilience of (the idea of) a P2P Network

A peer-supported network can be enormously resilient. For those who are following story of The Silk Road, and how its owner, Ross William Ulbricht, was identified by FBI, you may already is aware of how Silk Road participants are planning a resurrection of the original Silk Road into many “Silk Road 2.0s.” (see Tech Crunch article,

While the Silk Road was often touted as being secure and anonymous, due to it employing a slew of crypto-encryption technologies in a purely peer-to-peer network, the identification of Ulbricht showed that it is still possible to find a person–if you try hard and long enough.

But what interests me most is how resilient (the idea of) the network is. Despite the arrest of Ulbricht seemingly marked an end of online drug trade, community members are already devising ways to further strengthen future marketplace.