Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cscw 2013

I am attending the Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2013 in San Antonio, TX from February 23 to 27.  I will be pesenting a paper on Starcraft and learning that I wrote with Tim Young. I wrote a summary post here.

A Delicate Tension: Where Gaming and Education Intersect

Stephen Paolini is an active StarCraft II participant, and also doing exceedingly well at his high school. Interestingly, this unintuitive combination (video gaming+good grades) may be linked to his upbringing within in a video game family with supportive parents and siblings. We invited Stephen to share his story at the CLRN Blog:

The Digital Memory Project

I am currently leading The Digital Memory Project at the National University of Singapore. It is an interdisciplinary collaboration with Kelvin Cheng and Xavier Roman Martinez. Here’s a short description:

“The Digital Memory Project aims to digitize “memories,” so that past events are more effectively collected, shared, and get passed on from one person to another. In this project, we will develop media platforms that solicit digital memories from “crowds,” whom will create, edit, and remix these memories. We will explore innovative uses of gestural and mobile interaction techniques for users to interact with and present these memories on large public displays.”

I will use this space to provide future updates on this project.